We are…

Liz has been a feminist activist since 1973, founder member of a refuge, rape crisis and women’s centre group. She is now a Professor at London Metropolitan University, working on violence against women and children. She joined LOLC because she wants to be part of creating different ways living and aging with other lesbians.


Cathie is an amateur filmmaker whose interest lies in telling stories of unheard voices. Came out as a lesbian in her late forties. Joined LOLC after coming across the group on MeetUp. Is excited about the potential for spending her later years with a diverse group of women who hold similar values as her own.


Jude: I’m in single lesbian living in south London – in a flat I own. I have no children and want to plan how and where I want to live as I age. I want to develop a community with my own living space alongside communal facilities where we can meet, eat and have social time. I would like it to be an alternative to a retirement home, moving into providing care as needed as I age – a true alternative to residential care for feminist lesbians!



Liz E: I have worked in the public sector all my life and have considerable skills in project and programme management. I am working to create safe supportive and inspirational housing for myself and other older lesbians that is founded on feminist principles and practice.



Amanda: I am in private rented accommodation at the moment.  I can just about afford my rent now, but I won’t be able to when I retire, so the future looks uncertain. The LOLCohousing project offers a way of getting some control over my living situation.  I want to live in a safe and secure environment, in community with people with whom I have a shared history, and I want a home I can call my own.


Mary: I have lived as a lesbian for over fifty years, forty of them with my late partner. Most of my friends share the same lifestyle. I would find it impossible to fit into any other type of living arrangement, especially as I get older.



Anna: I’ve been imagining a lesbian community since I was sixteen. The details of my hopes have changed only a little over the past fifty years, through phases of activism, academia, parenting and gardening: company, support, challenge, and friendship. 



Elaine: Through my involvement in  lesbian feminist co-housing, I want to continue – during the third stage of my life – to explore actively what it means to live my feminist politics. I should like us to create an environment that is stimulating, which gives us pleasure in its design, is a space for creativity, and which is a project that allows each of us the opportunity to continue our personal and political growth.


Francis: I am 65 and currently live on the edge of London with my partner.  In the past I have lived in a variety of shared housing situations, usually with several other women.  






Pam: ” I live alone and have done so for years, but it would be good to create a purpose-built neighbourhood. The older I get, the more important it seems”