Home – Welcome to London Older Lesbian Cohousing

We are a group of lesbians aged fifty plus who are trying to create a new way of living together as we grow older. We are building a caring, supportive and vibrant community, run on democratic and feminist principles, which will enable us to live our lives to the full, staying active and engaged, and continuing to share our talents and skills as we grow older.

Our aim has been to set up a mixed tenure cohousing project of around 25 dwellings in north/east London. Ideally, we would each have our own flat and our own front door, plus there will be shared outside and inside space where we can come sometimes together for meals, meetings and other activities. Some resources will be shared, and our homes will be designed and built for low environmental impact and future-proofed for our changing needs.

We started the journey to our new home in April 2016, and we have made great progress. In 2022 L&Q, one of the largest social housing providers in the country, unfortunately withdrew from our partnership and planned development. They advised us that they were no longer able to proceed at this time of economic uncertainty. However, we retain our resolve to live together with shared values and community space. To that end, we are continuing and widening our vision.

As well as co-housing, we are exploring other ways of creating a community together, such as co-location or creating our own section of a larger housing community within inner London. We continue our strong and valued relationships with the GLA Community Led Housing Hub, Women’s Pioneer Housing and Pollard Thomas Edwards, as well as exploring new avenues with other developers.

You can find out more about our vision for the project and the values which underpin it here. We are already a mixed community and one of the most important principles is that our membership should be diverse.
If you are interested in our project and would like to be kept abreast of our progress, we will be sending out regular updates and we will post any new developments on our website.