Welcome to the London Older Lesbian Cohousing website

We are a group of older lesbians, 50 plus in age, who are living in London – so far, most of us are in north and east London.

We are choosing to create a community where we can live independently as older women in a caring, supportive, loving and joyful environment. We want an inclusive and vibrant community, that can provide an alternative to a retirement home as we age, run on democratic and feminist principles.

We started this journey to our new home in April 2016 and realise it may be a longish haul. But we are determined to get there. Together, we certainly have the skills, energy and sheer wilfulness to make it happen.

We very much welcome new members. To join, go to the meetup group by clicking on the link below.  Here you can find out about our monthly meetings and there is also a lot of other information you may like to read.

London Older Lesbian Cohousing Community

London, GB
45 lesbian cohousers

This is a group for older lesbians (50+) living in London, who would like to join us in setting up a residential community in London.We want to set up an inclusive, vibrant a…

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